Dried & Smoked



Adriatic langoustine tartare
Adriatic pink prawn tartare
Adriatic small fish to fry (gutted and beheaded)
Argentinian prawn tails C1 (35/55) frozen at sea
Argentinian prawn tails C2 (55/100) frozen at sea
Argentinian prawns L1 (10/20) frozen at sea
Argentinian prawns L2 (20/30) frozen at sea

Argentinian squids C4
Argentinian squids C4L
Bluefin tuna belly (OTORO)
Clean Cuttlefish 40/60
Desalted cod central cut
Desalted cod pieces
Ecuador prawns 40/50

Frozen rock lobster tail
King crab legs 1000/1300
King crab legs 1300/1500
King crab legs 800/1000
Langoustines 10/15 frozen at sea
Langoustines 16/20 frozen at sea
Langoustines 2/4 frozen at sea

Langoustines 20/3 frozen at sea
Langoustines 30/40 frozen at sea
Langoustines 4/7 frozen at sea
Langoustines tails
Mantis Shrimp frozen at sea
Maroco squids 3P
Mediterranean octopus T1/T2/T3/T4 IQF

Mediterranean purple prawns 1° (20/30)
Mediterranean purple prawns 2° (30/40)
Mediterranean purple prawns 3° (70/80
Mediterranean red prawns 0 (15/20)
Mediterranean red prawns 1° (20/30)
Mediterranean red prawns 2° (30/40)
Mediterranean red prawns 3° (40/60)

Mediterranean red prawns 4° (70/80)
Mediterranean small squids 5cm/8cm
Mediterranean striped shrimp 10/20 frozen at sea
Obsiblue prawns 21/30
Obsiblue prawns 40/50
Red deep water prawns (Carabineros) 10/20

Red deep water prawns (Carabineros) 9/12
Red deep water prawns (Carabineros) U10
Salted cod 4+
Salted cod jaws (cocochas)
Salted cod tripe
Sea scallops w/o roe 22/44
Sea scallops w/o roe 29/33 Boston USA

Sea urchin roe
Sea vegetable wakame
Sicilian red prawns tartare
Skrei cod fillet 900/1100
Soft-shell crab 50/60gr (medium) raw
Spencer bay king prawns 10/15
Spencer bay king prawns 20/30

Tuna saku sashimi AAA grade
White tuna New Caledonia
Whole king crab 1500+
Yellowtail amberjack (HIRAMASA)